Pocket Reference of C4 Calls and Concepts

2003 Edition © April 2003 Ben Rubright

The following represents the updated collection of calls used at the C-4 level. This is intended only to be a description of the calls and does not imply that these calls should all be used by callers. For a number of reasons, mostly in light of new technical thought, some calls no longer fit our activity. Those calls are included because they are still used by some callers, and this is intended to be a dancer reference. I have chosen to indicate calls that are infrequently used by listing those call names in lower case letters.

The purpose of this collection is to provide an alphabetical listing of the calls for both study and quick reference. It is assumed that the reader is totally familiar with all of the official list calls through C-3, therefore none are included. The definitions are meant to be brief, and in many cases, are shortcuts for the true definition. Also, since no starting formations are given, it is possible to interpret an illegal starting setup that permits the shortcut definition.

The 2002 edition contains corrections of errors present in the previous editions as well as incorporating suggestions made by many people. I have not included a list designation. I have used one abbreviation that may not be obvious: ATC = Any Tagging Call. I have added the number of parts in parentheses after the call definition for calls with well defined numbers of parts.

Thanks to all who have fed back comments, corrections, and suggestions. All comments are welcome. Feel free to make any suggestions on how this can better suit your needs. Please e-mail suggestions to Ben Rubright

Chose the first letter of the call

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1/4 OR 3/4 CROSS Right hand cast 1/4 or 3/4, new centers cross run. (2)
1/4 or 3/4 squeeze Replace trade with cast 1/4 or 3/4 (2)
1/4 OR 3/4 THE ALTER Alter the wave, except all turns are fract given and diamond counter rotates fract given. (4)
1/4 MORE If preceding call ends with a couples movement, courtesy turn 1/4 more, otherwise, roll.
1/4 (3/4) THE ALTER AND CIRCULATE Alter & circ, but initial cast, ctr cast, & dia rotate are 1/4 (3/4)
3/4 SHAZAM Cast 3/4 and u-turn back. (2)
3 BY 1/1 BY 3 CONCEPT The first number refers to the number of leads, or belles, or the number of dancers from the top of a column. those dancers work 3 by 3; the others work single. if it is possible to squash the setup along the long axis of the 3x3 dancers, do so (to create a 2x4) refer to Sue Curtis' paper
3 BY 3 CONCEPT 3 dancers replace two dancers who have identical facing directions and similar motion during given call. end two of the three can imagine the center isn't there and do the call normally, the center cheese) must stay between them. refer to Sue Curtis' paper.
3/4 THE DEUCEY 1/4 the deucey, make all casts 3/4 including star turn.
4 PHANTOM INTLK BLKS Intlk phantom lines, once removed. Calls given must go to footprints.
6 BY 2 CONCEPT 6 ends do ends part of call, 2 centers do centers part concentrically.
(FRACT) CHAIN & CIRC IN centers cast designated fraction, slip and cast 3/4, ends circ 2, all spread.
(FRACT) STABLE Call is done normally until dancer has turned 90 degrees (1/4 stable), 180 degrees (1/2 stable), etc. then dancer becomes stable for duration of call.
IJK 1/4 THE ALTER Cast I fract, centers cast J fract as ends turn back, counter rotate each diamond K fract, flip the diamond. (4)
IJKL 1/4 THE DEUCEY 1/4 the deucey but replace first cast with I, 2nd cast with J, star turn is K, last cast is L.
M BY N-SOME CONCEPT M dancers work normally, N dancers work "some".


ABOUT Explode.
ADVANCE TO A COLUMN (FINISH) Designateds walk others dodge, 8 circ, centers trade, 8 circ. (Finish: leave off walk and dodge). (2)
ALL 8 CROSS CYCLE Cross concentric cross cycle.
ALL 8 CYCLE AND WHEEL Cross concentric cycle and wheel.
ALTER THE DIAMOND Split counter rotate 1/2, flip the diamond, centers cast 3/4, ends turn back. (3)
AN ANCHOR (CAST (BUT ANYTH) Triple trade, very ends counter rotate 1/4, ctr 4 swing and slip as end of wave of 6 counter rotate 1/4 and pass in with other counter rotater. (Cast: Cast 3/4, an Anchor) (BUT: replace ctr 4 swing and slip with (anything))
ANCHOR (R/L) (FRACT) Designated act as pivot; cast given fract in given direction.
ANY HAND CONCEPT Use hand between end and adjacent ctr to start call.
(ANYONE) TIE (CROSS) Designateds peel-circ-bend, others peel-bend-circ. CROSS: replace peel with trail) (3)
(ATC) AND SPIN Do tagging call to 3/4 tag, centers cast 3/4, ends face as directed or take call. (2)
(ATC) 3/4 AND TRADE Do tagging call 3/4, centers trade wave, ends partner trade. (2)
(ATC) BACK AND DODGE Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, scoot and dodge. (2)
(ATC)ER'S DREAM OR NIGHTMARE Do tagging call to 3/4 tag, centers swing, slip and slide thru, ends 1/4 right (dream) or left nightmare) and circ 1.
(ATC) EROO Do tagging call to a diamond, centers cast 3/4, ends circ.
(ATC)ER'S FLOW (CROSS, CRISS CROSS) Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, all tandem run and normal slip. (Cross: centers tandem cross run as ends tandem run, normal slip). (Criss Cross: All tandem cross run and normal slip, centers have right of way.)
(ATC) THE YELLOW BRICKING (ANYTH) Do tagging call your neighbor & spread & slither. centers concentric follow your neighbor & spread, ends circ 1-1/2. Ends of line of 6 & adjacent do anyth concentrically, lonesome outsides counter rotate 1/4.
(ATC) TO A DIAMOND Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then 1/2 box circ.
(ATC) TO AN HG Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then 1/2 box circ. very centers snake
(ATC) TO AN INTLK DIA Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then 1/2 box circ and very centers slither
(ATC) YOUR NEIGHBOR Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then follow your neighbor. (2)
(ATC) YOUR CRISS CROSS NEIGHBOR Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then criss cross your neighbor (2)
(ANYTHING) THE HINGE Do anything, hinge.
(ANYTHING) THE TOP Do anything, fan the top.
(ANYTHING) THE WAVE Extend the tag twice and then do (anything)
AWAY Centers turn back toward one another.


BAIL OUT Ends 1/2 circ and hinge, centers concentric short and sweet and counter rotate 1/4 (2)
BARGE THRU Square thru 2, trade by. (2)
BARGE THE ACTION Square thru 2, the action.
BARREL OF FUN Ends bend and touch 1/2, centers concentric 1/4 in and swing thru, each side fan the top. (3)
BEAU/BELLE CROSS Designateds outside hand pull by.
BEEP BEEP Hinge, centers hinge, ends turn back. (hinge, you all) (2)
BENT WAVE/LINE Distorted wave/line.
BIAS TRADE CIRCULATE Bias circ and spread.
BITS AND PIECES Ends O circ 2 and trade, centers concentric: peel and trail and ah so. (2)
BOXSOMES Box of 4 (real or phantom) acting 'some'.
BRACE YOURSELF Normal couples courtesy turn, sashayed couples individually u-turn back.
BREAK THE ALAMO Designateds follow thru, other leaders loop around adjacent, as couples extend the tag.
BRIDGE THE GAP Beaus press left, belles press ahead and trade with the left (may be phantom).
BRING US TOGETHER Designateds circle 1/2 left plus 2, others single rotate 1/4, and do their part of a phantom wave follow thru.
BUCKLE AND (ANYTH) Ends O circ twice like couple up, centers do anything concentrically.
(ANYONE) BYPASS Pass thru, non-designateds turn back. (2)


CAST A NET 1/2 circ, ends trade and spread, very centers cast 3/4 and spread, other ends counter rotate 1/4 to end of setup.
(ANYONE) RT/LEFT AND CAST AWAY (FRACT) Those designated step to the right/left of dancer they are looking at and push cast given fract. Default is 1/2.
CENTERS THRU & CLOSE THE GATE Centers in and twist the line. (2)
CHANGE THE APEX (X BY Y) Base of triangle does call/fract1, apex and nearest base member do call/fract2.
CHANGE-O #1 & #2 column circ, #3 & #4 (no hands) triple cross.
CHANGE THE WEB Centers 7/8 spin the top, form star with outsides, turn 1-1/4, 2 centers cast 3/4, next dancer move to end of ctr wave, outsides face in.
CHEERIO Centers squeeze and leads turn back, others leads run and those 4 press ahead. if no lead ends, outsides press ahead.
CHIP OFF Right 2 or lead couple link up, other centers shove off
CIRCLE TO A 2 FACED LINE As couples single circle to a wave.
CLEAN SWEEP (W/X) Circle left w/x, veer left, tag the line, roll right to a wave. (4)
CLEAR OUT All 8 circ, ends like a couple up. Centers concentric couple up.
CLEAR THE CENTERS FOR A (ANYTHING) Centers 2/3 recycle and tandem run, others move to center and do (anything)
CLEAR THE WAY Centers 2/3 recycle and tandem run, others hinge twice, cross concentric vertical 1/2 tag and counter rotate
CLOVER THE HORN Ends cloverleaf and pass thru, centers press ahead, cast back and pass thru.
CLOVERFLO Centers pass thru and cloverleaf, ends cloverleaf and pass thru.
CLOVERLEAF TURN Cloverflo, replace pass thrus with turn thrus.
COLLAPSE Ends detour, centers concentric step and fold.
COMMONSPOT CONCEPT Some formation spots are shared by 2 people; some spots are unoccupied. each person sharing a spot pretends that he is the sole occupant.
CONCENTRIC TRIPLE BOXES Always work to footprints (not real concentric).
CONNECT THE DIAMOND Centers hinge, points isolate. all drop in.
CONTINUE TO INVERT (W/X)(CROSS) Continue as though an invert had been interrupted, go w/x more. (centers fold, ends step ahead.) (Cross: replace invert with cross invert.)
CONTOUR THE LINE Hinge, box circ 2, hinge. (4)
CONVERT THE TRIANGLE(wave based only) Apex step ahead, trailing base fold behind apex, lead base 1/2 triangle circ. If both base dancers begin facing in to triangle, apex step ahead, both base dancers step ahead and 1/4 to face apex.
COOPERATE (BUT) (ANYTHING) All 8 circ 1-1/2, column of 3 invert 2/3, ctr diamond drop in. (But: Centers replace drop in with (anything).
COORDINATE TO A DIA. Coordinate, centers hinge.
COUNTERACT Ends trade and split counter rotate 1/4, centers counter rotate 1/4 and trailer anchor 1/2. (2)
COUNTERPOINT Centers concentric recycle, others counter rotate 1/4.
COUNTERSHAKE (2/3) Centers concentric shakedown, veer left and step ahead. others 1/4 right, counter rotate 1/4 and phantom wave follow thru. (2/3: leave off last part). (3)
COVER UP (BUT) 8 circ 1-1/2, ends explode, centers concentric recycle. (But: replace recycle with call given).
CRACKLE Centers touch if necessary and lockit, ends hinge.
CRAZY PHANTOM FORM Key note: Original spots do not change though dancer orientation may. See Kopman 165-166 or Baker 42.
CREATE A COLUMN Center phantom columns circ 2, others phantom O/Butterfly circ 2. (2)
CREATE A DIAMOND Slant touch by 1/2 tag.
CRISS CROSS THE DIA. Criss cross the deucey, finish a trade the diamond. (4)
CRISS CROSS FOLLOW TO A DIAMOND Trailers criss cross your neighbor, leads box circ and cross extend
CROSS AND DIVIDE Ends 1/4 out, centers 1/2 cross run and step ahead to join end. adjust to 2x2.
CROSS BREED THRU Slide thru, new trailers mirror pass thru.
CROSS CLOVERLEAF Tandem: mirror partner trade and roll.
CROSS DROP Drop in and slide (flowingly).
CROSS FOLLOW THRU Trailers use outside hand, all 1/2 scoot back.
CROSS HOP Those designated cross walk and dodge, others dodge out of the way, all hinge. (2)
CROSS HORSESHOE TURN Leads cross cloverleaf, trailers conc 1/4 in and crosstrail thru
CROSS LINEAR CYCLE Once removed hinge, finish linear cycle.
CROSS PAIR THE LINE Centers trade, ends cross fold.
CROSS SASHAY Centers slither and step ahead, ends cross fold.
CROSS THE OCEAN Vertical 1/2 tag and weave.
CROSS THE TOP Spin the top and spread.
CROSS TO A DIAMOND Centers cross over circ, others phantom dia circ
CROSS TO AN HOURGLASS Centers cross over circ, others phantom hg circ
CROSS TO AN INTLK DIA Centers cross over circ, others phantom intlk dia circ
CROSS TO A WAVE Ends cross over circ, centers hinge and spread.
CROSSTOWN ROLL Those with mini-wave handholds turn back, all cross extend.
CURL APART Curl thru, peel and nothing.
CURL THRU Centers trade, ends cross fold. (= cross pair the line)
CURLICROSS Curlique and cross
CURLICROSS THE TOP Curlique, hinge, fan the top
CURLI PASS Curlique and funny pass thru
CURLI WHEEL Curlicross and partner trade
CURVE (DIR) Designated dancers press direction given and 1/4 direction given. Feels like phantom any shoulder wheel thru.
CUT ACROSS Determine leads and trailers. Concentric triple boxes: leads tag and trade, trailers trade and tag. (2)
(ANYONE) CUT IN/OUT (anyone) cross over circ, others run.
CYCLE AND (ANYTH) Wave dancers recycle, other dancers anyth.
CYKICK Center wave concentric 2/3 recycle, outside beaus kick off.


DERBY (DIXIE) Ends fold, centers trade and spread, original ends step ahead. (Dixie: dixie style to a wave then derby.
DEUCES WILD Ends zoom, centers trade.
DIAMOND RECYCLE From diamond: Connect like a couple up. From facing couples: beaus step ahead and hinge, belles recycle.
DIAMOND INLET Lead ends and adjacents 2/3 recycle, others inlet.
DIAMOND OUTLET Center wave outlet, ends phantom split circ and hinge. (= rewind diamond inlet)
DISTORTED SETUP In phantom 8 matrix, the real people. (only 1 of the 4 is distorted and by only 1 position.)
DIVI UP Centers single wheel, others divide.
DIVIDE AND PAIR Centers concentric 1/4 out, ends divide and pass in.
DIXIE CHAIN If necessary single shuffle. centers right pull by, all left pull by, centers right pull by.
DIXIE DAISY If necessary single shuffle. centers right pull by, all left turn thru, centers right pull by.
DIXIE HOURGLASS Dixie diamond, very centers snake
DIXIE INTERLOCKED DIAMOND Dixie diamond, very centers slither
DIXIE SPIN Dixie style to a wave and fan the top. (2)
DOUBLE DOWN (CROSS) Trailing ends and adjacents split circ 2, others all 8 circ. (Cross: replace 8 circ with cross over circ)
DOUBLE OFFSET 1/4 TAG From 2x4. mini wave dancers in offset wave are the ctr wave of x/4 tag.
DOUBLE THE WAVE Fan the top, very centers trade. (=2/3 hot foot spin). (2)
DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE (CROSS) Column leads peel off and circ, others 1/2 circ and trade, new column leads peel off, others 1/2 circ and trade. (Cross: replace peel offs with trail offs).
DOVETAIL (CALL1, CALL2) 1st part of call1, 2nd part of call2, 3rd part of call1 etc.


EASY DOES IT Concentric zing.
ERA Women press ahead, men press back.
EMULATE (ANYCALL) Face the wall you would be facing if you did the call.
ERASE Centers u-turn back, ends isolate
EXPLODE THE CLOVER Clover and...trade and roll.
EXPLOSION #2 and #4 press out, trailing couples step ahead, slip and step ahead as others 16 matrix circ 2.


FACING PARALLELOGRAM Box of 4 people facing on angle. Same as J, facing Z.
FALL IN TO A COLUMN Wave centers fold and centers press ahead, unapproached ends walk, other ends dodge. (adjust to columns)
FAN BACK Centers cast 3/4, ends turn back.
FAN THE GATE Centers cast 3/4, new very centers cast 3/4, ends circ 1-1/2, couples bend.
FAN THE GATING (ANYTH) (Fan the Gating: replace couples bend with anyth to land in "couples bend spots" if at all possible.)
FAN THRU (CROSS) Touch, slip, step thru.
FERRIS (ANYTH) 1/2 press ahead, triple line anyth, eliminate phantoms if possible.
FIDDLE AROUND Trailing ends cross over circ, all others cross fire, all like a couple up. (straight fire like a couple up.)
FINALLY (CONCEPT) (CALL) Do all but last part of CALL normally, do last part of CALL in CONCEPT
FINISH CONCEPT Do all but 1st part of anyth.
FIRST CHOICE FIRST (ANYTHING) Leads switch the wave with the flow, trailers extend, lockit and hinge. (Anyth: replace lockit and hinge with concentric (anything))
FLARE THE STAR 1/2 mirror swap around, counter rotate diamond - beaus 1/4, belles full, beaus flip out and roll and courtesy turn belles to facing box.
FLY AWAY Centers right loop 1, triple box circ and "cross fold", others squeeze.
FOLLOW & CRISS CROSS Scoot back, new trailers cross your neighbor, outsides 1/4 in direction of scooting hand and circ 1.
FOLLOW AND CROSS Scoot back, new trailers follow your neighbor, outsides 1/4 in direction of scooting hand and circ 1.
FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD Follow your neighbor and spread and slither, new centers conc follow your neighbor and spread, ends circ 1-1/2. End pairs of line of 6 concentric wheel and deal, lonesome dancers counter rotate 1/4. (See (Anyth) the yellow bricking (anyth)).
FOLLOW TO AN (ANYTH) Trailers follow your neighbor and spread, leads 1/2 split circ and phantom anyth circ.


GO FIRST CLASS Leads switch the wave, trailers scatter circ.
GRAND CONCEPT Does not exist. Refer to grand working (direction)
GRAND PHANTOM WAVE 1x8's including phantoms as necessary.
GRAND SINGLE CONCENTRIC As many rings as 1/2 the dancers involved.
GRAND SINGLE CROSS CONCENTRIC See above; ctr most two end most outside, etc.
GRAND WORKING CONCEPT Ends work normally, centers work in the group of 4 existing in the direction given. apart: with far 4, together: with near 4.
GRAVITATE Centers hinge, box circ and press ahead, ends reverse single rotate 1/4 & phantom split counter rotate 1/4.
GRUESOME TWOSOME Phantom couples twosome in waves.


HAMMERLANE Split recycle and slither. = cross cycle.
HANG A RIGHT/LEFT In tandem and as couples roll right/left to wave.
HANG LOOSE Trailers extend and swing. Lead ends outside hand latch on 1/2 with end of center wave. Lead centers cross fold. Six person wave step thru, facing dancers pass in, others step/slide together and bend the line.
HEAD/SIDE LINERS Those facing said walls.
HERE COMES THE WAVE Centers work stable, all here comes the judge, original centers do normal hinge.
HINGE AND CIRCULATE Couples hinge, ctr couples trade, end couples counter rotate, as couples take I/O/R/L (if any).
HINGE AND TRADE As couples: hinge, centers trade, roll.
HINGE BY W/X, Y/Z, ETC Those who can hinge 1st fract, new adjacents hinge 2nd fract, new adjacents hinge 3rd fract, etc (1/4=hinge once, 1/2=hinge twice, etc.)
HIT THE WALL Ends partner tag, centers concentric pass out.
HOT FOOT SPIN Fan the top, very centers trade, spin the top. (3)
HOURGLASS INLET Diamond inlet; very centers snake
HOURGLASS OUTLET Ends ph split circ & hinge; centers drop in, hinge & move out to unoccupied spots


IGNORE CONCEPT Person(s) ignored do not participate in the call but participate in any adjustment.
IN (CALL1), OUT (CALL2) Trailers take call1, leads take call2.
INROLL TO A WAVE (INTLK) Ends phantom inroll circ, centers tiptoe toward vacancy and hinge. (Intlk: centers slither then finish)
INTERLACE (CALL1, CALL2) Do first part of call1 then first part of call2, then second part of call1 then second part of call2 etc.
INTERLOCKED P-GRAM In each line or column, the once removed dancers work in a box of 4 with their original opposites.
INTERRUPT CONCEPT Present call is interrupted, another call is inserted, the original call continued.
INVERT AS TAGGING CALL Invert column 1/2, extend the tag as necessary.
INVERT CONCEPT Centers do ends part, ends do centers part.
ISOLATE Ends do their part of fan the top


JAM THRU Pass thru, cross clover and...pass in and pass thru.


KICK THE HABIT Ends counter rotate 1/4, centers concentric leads kick off.


LEAD THE CLASS Leads follow your leader, trailers extend, recycle + 2 and 1/4 to face the center of the setup.
LEAD THE WAY Ends trade and roll, centers concentric peel off and bend (2)
LIKE A Do the last part of the given call.
LIKE A SQUEEZE (CALL) Apart dancers move together and do call, adjacent dancers do call and move apart.
LINEAR ACTION BUT CROSS IT Linear action except very centers slither before final cast 3/4.
LINE OF 3 CONCEPT Right two dancers work normally, left dancer works as a single replacing what would normally be a couple.
LINES WALK IN/OUT Centers concentric 1/4 in/out, ends concentric pass in/out.
LOCK 'EM UP Lock the hinge, ctr 4 concentric hinge the lock, ends counter rotate 1/4 and roll.
LONG TRIP Lead end and adjacent squeeze, others circ. those facing pass thru, others "cross fold".


MAKE A PASS BUT (ANYTHING) Very centers and facing outside dancers pass thru, ends trade and roll, ctr 4 cast 3/4. (But: centers replace the cast 3/4 with concentric (anything)).
MARK TIME #1 and #2 or designateds run, press ahead, trade and roll, others partner tag and wheel and deal.
MATRIX CONCEPT Find the center of the given formation and fix that center spot.
MCP Men press ahead, women press back.
MELDED SKEWSOMES Box of 4 which consists of two skewsomes mapped on top of each other. each skewsome pretends that the other does not exist.
MESH Trailers single veer right
MINI BUTTERFLY/O Butterfly/O of 6 people.
MINI PLEASURE (CROSS) Column leads peel and 12 matrix press in, others 1/2 press ahead and trade, very centers spread, new lead ends turn back. (Cross:replace peel with trail)
MIX AND MINGLE Designateds bend the line, others wheel behind them.
MIX THE LINE Right hand couple phantom wheel thru, left hand couple phantom circle right 1/4.
MORE OR LESS (ANYTH) Leads do anyth & 1/4 more, trailers do anyth less 1/4.
MOVE OUT CONCEPT See Sue Curtis' C3X definitons.
MULTIPLE FORMATIONS WORKING ANY DIRECTION Specifies two 4 spot formations working together to form an 8 spot formation. see paper by Bill Ackerman.
MYSTIC CONCEPT Ends do call normally, centers do call mirror.


NICE AND EASY Ends ease off, centers concentric trade and roll.
NICELY Hinge and cross. (2)
NIP AND TUCK Beaus run & phantom wheel thru, belles 1/4 out & run.


OPT FOR A (FORMATION) Give the caller what s/he wants.
ORBITBOARD/BOX Same as checkerboard/box except leads orbit circ
ORBIT CIRCULATE (LEFT) Trailers crossover circ, leads intlk pgram ripoff left: leads intlk pgram mirror ripoff)
OUTPOST 1/2 outroll circ (prefer judge if necessary), ctr 6 trade, ends hocus pocus, ctr 4 concentric ah so. (3)
OUTROLL TO A WAVE (INTLK) Ends outroll circ, centers tiptoe toward vacancy and hinge. (Intlk: centers back to back slither before tiptoe)
OVERLAPPING DIA. Make a phantom thar with each line; thar diamonds


PAIR THE LINE Centers turn back, ends fold.
PASS THE TOP Centers concentric spin top, explode and spread, ends counter rotate 1/4, pass in and press ahead.
PASS TO THE OUTSIDE Pass thru, new centers trade.
PHANTOM BOXES Refer to BAKER p. 67 or BURLESON #3397.
PHANTOM INTLK 1/4 TAG 2 phantom 1/4 tags superimposed over one another. (danced phantom tandem twosome)
PHANTOM OFFSET COL/LINE 4x4 matrix, each group of four works with diagonal group in columns or lines.
PICK AND CHOOSE (CALL1, CALL2) Slimdown, centers concentric 1/4 in, and take 1st call, ends take 2nd call, all concentrically.
PIECEWISE (CONCEPT, CALL) Do first part of call using concept, re-evaluate setup, do second part of call using concept, etc.
PINWHEEL Designateds cast 3/4 to end outside, others wheel and deal into center.
PLUS 1, 2 Sidestep in flowing direction 1/2 position (plus 1) or 1 position (plus 2).
POP Explode the wave.
PREFERRED CONCEPT No single definition. usually obvious.
PRESS FOR TIME #3 and #4 press out, #1 and #2 run and press ahead
PRESTO Centers concentric scoot back and press ahead. Ends finish a gravitate.
PUSH OFF Zip code 1-1/2, ends cast 3/4, centers concentric: fan the top and hinge.
PUSH OPEN THE GATE Centers in if necessary, cast 3/4, ends bend and slide thru, centers pass thru.


QUICK CHANGE Centers concentric trade and roll, ends circ and 1/4 in. (acey deucey and roll anyway)
QUICKWRAP #1 and #2 split counter rotate 1/4, #3 and #4 press ahead and concentric reset 1/2.


RANDOMIZE BETWEEN (CONCEPT X, CONCEPT Y) Odd parts of the call are done using concept x, even parts are done using concept y.
REACTIVATE TO A DIAMOND Reactivate, centers hinge.
RECIPROCATE Centers spin the windmill, others divide & touch 3/4.
RECOUNT Outer actives 2/3 recycle, others do a center anchor 1/4.
RELAY THE DIAMOND Swing, centers cast 3/4, slip and swing, ends circ 2, all diamond circ, centers cast 3/4.
RELAY YOUR PLEASURE Swing, ctr 6 cast 3/4, very ctr 2 spread, new ends isolate and press in, ends facing out turn back.
REMEMBER THE ALAMO Lead ends and adjacents ah so, others split counter rotate 1/4.
REPLACE CONCEPT A part of the given call is replaced with another call.
REPLACE THE COLUMN All invert 1/2, ends counter rotate, centers concentric reset 1/4 and 2/3 recycle. (Cross: cross invert, centers concentric cross reset 1/4 & 2/3 cross cycle) (But: centers take anyth instead of 2/3 recycle.)
RETREAT THE LINE Cast off 1/4.
REVERSE CHANGE-O Ends circ, centers triple cross.
REVERSE EXPLODE (LINES) Ends step forward & turn back on ctr of line, centers turn back on ctr of line and step forward. Adjust to 2x2.
REVERSE ORDER Reverse the order of the parts of given call.
REVERSE THE DIAMOND Centers concentric trade the wave, ends turn back.
REWIND CONCEPT refer to paper by Eric Brosius
RIDE THE TIDE Cross trail thru, clover & square thru 2, all slide thru.
RIGGER CONCEPT Distorted p-gram or offset lines. offset is in the direction as viewed by very end person.
RIGHT ON N, X/Y Square thru n to a wave, cast x/y and roll. default cast is 3/4.
RIGHT (LEFT) ROLL THE Belles right roll to a wave, beaus 1/2 box circulate (left: mirror right roll the)
RIPSAW Centers concentric partner tag and cloverleaf, ends cross fold, press ahead and pass thru.
RIP THE LINE Centers turn back, ends cross fold.
ROLL 'EM Right ends zoom, all others run toward vacated spot.
ROLL OUT THE BARREL Right side couples link up and circ 2, left side couples tag the line in and link up.
ROLL OUT TO A COLUMN Ends right anchor 1/4 & roll, centers 1/4 right and counter rotate 1/4, all press ahead. (3)
ROLL THE WAVE Lines divide (1/4 to nearest end), peel off in direction of initial turn. adjust to 2 by 2.
ROUND AND CROSS Round off and sashay.
ROUND OFF 1/4 to face nearest end, in tandem u-turn back in flowing direction.
ROUND THE HORN Ends round off and pass thru, centers run and pass thru
ROUNDTRIP (CALL) Do call, then finish reverse order call
RUN AWAY (CROSS) Centers run and roll, new centers face and touch 1/2. (Cross: centers cross run)
RUN THE TOP (CROSS) Designateds run all fan the top. (Cross: cross run) (2)
(ANYONE) RUN THE WHEEL Designated dancers run and any shoulder wheel thru, others partner trade and roll. (2)
RUN WILD Centers cross run, ends run. re-evaluate and repeat. (2)


SASHAY THRU Do-sa-do 3/4, slither.
SCAMPER Centers hinge & box circ; ends divide & touch 1/4
SCATTER FOLLOW TO A DIAMOND Leads all 8 circ 1-1/2, trailers follow neighbor & spread
SCOOT APART Leads box circ 1-1/2, trailers extend & squeeze.
SET BACK All trade, then lines (cross back) thru (2)
SET YOUR PACE Circ 1-1/2, ctr 6 grand working forward follow thru, concentric cycle and wheel.
SETS IN MOTION PLUS 1 OR 2 Sets in motion, ends spread, ctr leads peel left, 1 OR 2 trailers touch (+1), ctr 2 step thru and peel right(+2).
SETTLE BACK Reset 1/2, ends hocus pocus, centers concentric cross back. (2)
SHADOW (FORM.) (CALL) Ends detour and trade, centers take call concentrically
SHADOW THE COLUMN #1 and #3 out truck, all big block cast a shadow to a normal setup.
SHADOW TO A DIAMOND Ends cast a shadow, centers concentric peel and trail.
(CRISS CROSS) (Criss Cross: ends use other hand, centers concentric peel and nothing, slither and slip)
SHIFT (CALL) Begin with the n+1st part and execute all parts of the call in order ending with the part that preceded the part that was started with.
SHIP AHOY Lead ends and adjacents cycle and wheel, other centers shove off.
SHORT 6 Persons comprising the tandem based triangles of a galaxy, act as a distorted column.
SHORT AND SWEET Leads mini chase, trailers shortcut.
SHORT CUT Beaus phantom touch 1/4, belles partner tag
SHORT CYCLE Centers u-turn back, couples hinge.
SHORT TRIP Lead ends and adjacents squeeze, others circ.
SHUFFLE AND WHEEL Right side couples wheel and deal, left side couples shuffle the deck.
SHUFFLE THE DECK As couples, 1/2 of a stable 1/2 sashay
SHUTTLE (I/O/L/R/ANYTH) Pass thru, centers slide thru, others 1/4 in direction or take anyth call.
SIAMESE BREAKDOWN Couple dancers single wheel, tandem dancers single turn to a line.
SINGLE CONCENTRIC/CROSS 1x4 work concentric (cross).
SINGLE FILE CONCEPT From a 1x4. center dancers take the part of the person who goes into the center first on the normal call.
SINGLE SCOOT & TRADE Scoot back, centers hinge, others 1/4 to scooting hand, couples hinge.
SKEW CONCEPT Special case of phantom group of 4 working solid.
SKEWSOME Special case of boxsome.
SLIMDOWN Center dancers step one positon toward the nearest unoccupied position, end dancers move to where the adjacent center dancer was.
SNAG (ANYTH) CONCEPT Ends do anyth, centers do 1/2 of center part of anyth.
SNAKE Drop hands, face adjacent, step to other handed mini-wave.
SNAP Partner tag.
SNAP THE DIAMOND All diamond partner tag, new ends partner tag new centers right roll to a wave.
SNAP THE X/Y TAG Partner tag, ends turn back, all extend to x/y tag.
SOFT (ANYTH) Centers hinge and flip away, others face and do anyth.
SPIN A WHEEL Couples hinge, triple trade, couples hinge. (3)
SPIN BACK Swing, centers concentric cast 3/4, ends turn back. (2)
SPIN CHAIN & CIRC IN Swing, 3/4 chain and circ in. (numeric)
SPIN CHAIN & CIRC THE GEARS Spin chain the gears, ends that turn back also circ immediately.
SPIN CHAIN THE STAR Spin chain thru, new ends trade (trailing ends ride the center star).
SPIN TAG THE DEUCEY Spin chain thru, new ends tag thru, 1/4 right (or as directed) and circ 1.
SPLASH (I/O/R/L/ANYTH) Lead ends and adjacents explode the wave, others vertical tag and face direction given or take (anyth)
(X/Y) SPLIT CAST Ends hinge and all concentric cast x/y. default is 1/2.
SPLIT PHANTOM COL/LINE FROM P-GRAM Phantoms are imposed to make 2x4 matrix with each col/line.
SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE Split circ, cast 3/4, slip, cast 3/4. (4)
SQUARE OUT Ends 8 chain 2 and square thru 2, centers square thru 4.
SQUARE THE BARGE N Square thru N and trade by. default 4.
SQUARE THE BASES +2 Square the bases, replace split square thru 2 with split square thru 4.
SQUARE TURN THRU N Square thru, on nth hand, any hand turn thru.
STACK THE WHEEL Couples hinge, individually roll. (2)
STANDARD CONCEPT Designated dancers work in formation given, others work with designated dancers in formation established by designated dancers.
STAR TO A WAVE 1/2 mirror swap around, counter rotate diamond 1/2, flip the diamond.
STEP LIVELY Detour, slimdown, circ. (3)
STRAIGHT AWAY (BUT) (CROSS) From 1/4 tag or line. line ends release recycle with the convenient end, wave centers run, inactive ends 12 matrix press ahead. (Cross: inactive ends 12 matrix press ahead and slither) (But: Release people take anyth in place of recycle)
STRAIGHT (ANYTHING) CONCEPT Trailing ends cross over circulate, all others do (anything)
STRAIGHT FIRE Trailing ends cross over circulate, others cross fire.
STRIKE OUT Centers concentric hinge & step and fold, ends detour.
STROLL & CYCLE (ANYTH) Release, line centers trade and line dancers step ahead, mini-wave phantom recycle +2 and adjust to 2x4. (Anyth: recyclers take anyth and adjust to 2x4)
STROLL DOWN THE LANE (2/3) Ends touch & concentric recycle, centers hammerlane, as couples extend the tag. (2/3: leave off extend).
SUBSTITUTE Stable zoom.
SWAP THE WINDMILL (CROSS, REVERSE) 1/2 swap around, spin the windmill, ends circ 2 as is. (Cross: 1/2 swap, wave slide*, ends circ 2 as is ) (Reverse: 1/2 mirror swap around, spin the windmill, ends circ 2 as is) (Reverse Cross Swap: 1/2 reverse swap around, wave slide*, spin the windmill, ends circ 2 as is) * - let it dance.
SWAT THE FLEA Mirror box the gnat.
SWING ABOUT Swing, slip and explode.
SWING BACK Swing, slip and slip.
SWING CHAIN CONCEPT Do designated call but change 3/4 casts to 1/4 casts.
SWING TO A COLUMN Centers trade, roll & touch, ends divide & touch 1/4. all circ.
SWITCH BACK Hinge and scoot back
SWITCHEROO Switch to a diamond, centers cast 3/4, ends circ.
SWIVEL (CROSS) Designateds fold, flowing single circle 1/2, single veer in flowing direction. (Cross: replace fold with cross fold, end adjacent to dancer single circle was done with).


TAG CIRCULATE Leads tag the line right, trailers circ.
TAG THE STAR (X/Y) 1/2 mirror swap around, counter rotate diamond 1/2, ends 1/4 in, extend to x/y tag.
TALL 6 6 people forming the wave based triangles of a galaxy
TALLY HO BUT (ANYTH) Do tally ho, ctr 4 replace final cast 3/4 with anyth concentrically.
TAP THE (ANYONE) Pass thru, designateds turn back, split counter rotate 1/4, roll. (4)
THE ACTION Centers make a right hand star and turn it 1/4 as ends hinge and trade. Center 4 of line of 6 cast 3/4 as others move up.
THE DIFFERENCE Cast 3/4, slip, cast 3/4. (3)
THE PLANK Ends do part of leads run, centers conc walk & dodge.
TICKLE Hinge, split counter rotate. (2)
TIP TOE Designateds press ahead taking adjacents.
TOUCH AND GO (W/X, Y/Z) 1/2 circ, lonesome ends counter rotate 1/4 and step ahead. Center 6 cast 1st fract or take call1. Ends of line of 6 isolate, ctr 4 cast 2nd fract or take call2.
TOUCH OF CLASS Leads switch & circ, trailers extend & recycle plus 2.
TOUCH TONE (W/X, Y/Z) Extend tag, centers cast w/x or take call1 conc, ends cast back, touch using same hand as original wave and cast y/z or take call2.
TRACE (ANYTH1 BY (ANYTH2) 4 distorted boxes. boxes are determined by ends of center wave. Wave ends & adjacents along with 2 outside dancer positions the wave end is facing is the box in which wave end & adjacent work. 2 outside dancers work in the box made up of their 2 positions & the 2 that are occupied by the wave end looking away from them & his adjacent dancer. centers take anyth1, ends take anyth2. (Intlk: wave positions are once removed).
TRACK AND (ANYTH) Cross invert 1/2, centers take anyth concentrically.
TRADE COUNTER ROTATE Counter rotate 1/4 and spread.
TRADE YOUR NEIGHBOR (CROSS) Trailers follow neighbor, others extend, 1/4 in dir given and circ. (Cross: replace follow neighbor with cross neighbor
TRAIL INSTEAD OF PEEL Any call where peel off is part of definition, replace with trail off.
TRANS (ANYTH) Transfer the column, replace extend tag with anyth.
TRANSACTION Trans chain reaction.
TRIANGULAR BOXES Center of diagonal line of 3 is ctr of 9 matrix, that dancer and the 3 live corners of his 9 matrix work in a distorted box to footprints.
TRIANGULAR BOXES WORKING TOGETHER Triangular boxes work together to form an 8 person setup.
TRIM THE WEB Wave dancers swing, each star turn 2/3, outsides turn to face in. (2)
TRIPLE CAST Center 6 cast 3/4, very centers phantom hourglass circ, original very ends turn back away from center and isolate.
TRIPLE TURN Turn to a line, turn and deal, turn to a line. (3)
TRIPLE TWIN COL/LINE 6 phantom columns or lines.
TRIPLE WHEEL Wheel to a line, wheel and deal, wheel to a line. (3)
TRIXIE/SPIN Leads 1/4 in, trailers 1/4 out. spin: trixie, cast 3/4, centers cross run. (3)
TUNNEL (I/O/L/R/ANYTH)(THRU) Centers partner tag, press ahead and trade, others cross concentric vertical 1/2 tag direction or call. (Thru: full vertical tag, take anyth).
TURN AND FLIP Beaus scoot back, belles run.
TURN AND LEFT THRU Turn thru, courtesy turn. (2)
TURN AND Q Turn thru, 1/4 in, left turn thru.
TURN AND WEAVE From 1/4 tag or beginning DPT: centers turn thru, all touch and weave. From single 8 chain: Touch 1/2 and weave.
TURN AWAY Belles peel off and circ, beaus trail off.
TURN BY Those who can pass thru, others right faced turn back.
TURN FOUR As couples lockit.
TURN ON Split counter rotate 1/4, extend the tag. (2)
TURN OVER Cast 3/4 and slither. (2)
TURNTABLE Centers 1/4 right, once removed circ 2, ends slimdown and single rotate 1/2.
TWICE CONCEPT Do given call or part of call twice.
TWIN ORBITBOARD/BOX Same as checkerboard/box except leads twin orbit circ
TWIN ORBIT CIRCULATE Trailers crossover circ, leads intlk pgram zoom
TWIN PARALLELOGRAMS Box of four totally offset (from 12 matrix).


VEER AND TURN (W/X,Y/Z) Veer in flow direction, ends turn 2nd fract toward center of line, centers cast 1st fract. Default = 1/2 &1/2.
VERTICAL TURN AND DEAL Vertical 1/2 tag, turn 1/4 in direction of original turn (if any).


WALK OUT TO A COLUMN Trailers: circ & phantom wave step and fold,leads: once removed single wheel, press ahead.
WALK THE CLOVER If necessary, extend the tag to get 3/4 tag formation, centers hinge & concentric walk & dodge, outsides clover.
WALK THE PLANK Circ, ctr 4 concentric walk and dodge, ends do part of leads run. (2)
WHEEL AND CROSS THRU Wheel thru and sashay.
WHEEL TO A DIAMOND Wheel around and 1/4 more, centers hinge.
WHEEL TO A LINE Lead couple wheel right, trailing couple wheel left, adjust to 1x4.
WHO'S ON FIRST Designated couple move across set to squeeze between facing couple and turn back. Resquare set.
WIPE OUT Centers concentric scoot back and normal spread, ends run and trade.
WITH FINESSE #1 and #4 cast 3/4 and spread, #2 peel off & counter rotate to be adjacent to very end, #3 1/2 circ, hinge and spread.


YO YO CONCEPT First cast 1/2 of given call is replaced with cast 3/4.
YOU ALL Centers concentric hinge, ends turn back.


ZIP THE TOP Centers concentric shazam, ends isolate.
ZOOMROLL CIRCULATE Lead ends zoom, all others run toward vacated spot.