Pocket Reference of C-3B List Calls

List Update 2002

© May 2003 Ben Rubright

The following is a shorthand description of the calls resident on the C-3B list. It is intended to be a guide for quick reference and not necessarily a place from which to initially learn the calls.

Thanks to all who have fed back comments, corrections, and suggestions.

All comments are welcome: Ben Rubright

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BINGO Leaders 1/4 out and roll twice, trailers any shoulder wheel thru
BOOMERANG 1. from couples front to back - zoom and new leaders trade
2. from mini-wave box - leads zoom and trailers scoot back
BUSY (ANYTHING) Leaders keep busy, trailers normalize and do (anything) concentric
BY GOLLY Leader of sweep from previous call sweeps 1/4, other dancer dodges, extends, hinges & extends. (FIX: veer in flowing direction and do any shoulder 1/2 tag)

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CAST AND RELAY (1/4,1/2,3/4) Relay the top but replace initial cast and the star turn fraction with designated fraction
CENTRAL CONCEPT All do centers part of designated call (if ambiguous, prefer the box)
CHANGE THE CENTERS Swing, slip, centers cross run, slip
CHANGE THE WAVE Swing, slip, centers cross run, swing
CHANGE YOUR IMAGE Centers phantom column circulate 2, ends split circulate 2
CHUCK-A-LUCK Centers run and pass in, new centers concentric (1/4 in and pass thru)
CROSS CHUCK-A-LUCK Centers x-run and pass in. new centers concentric (1/4 in and crosstrail thru)
CROSS LOCKIT Lockit and spread
CRISS CROSS THE DEUCEY Leaders 1/2 split circ and crossover circ, trailers criss-cross your neighbor
CROSS CYCLE (1/3, 2/3, FULL) Centers cross fold, adjust to box (1/3), split counter rotate 1/4 (2/3), roll (FULL)
CROSS FLIP LINE (W/X) Centers cross run, any shoulder tag the line (W/X)
CROSS SWAP THE TOP Belle cross extends, casts 3/4, beau runs, rolls, and extends.

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DIAGONAL BOX CONCEPT End and adjacent dancer work with diagonal end and adjacent dancer as a box of 4 (2x2 matrix)
DISBAND From columns: #1 and #4 concentric reset 1/2 and phantom column circ 2.
From waves: ends detour and phantom column circ 2.
Centers always counter rotate and flip away.
Centers hinge, tag, press ahead and take (), ends cast 3/4 and x-concentric vertical 1/2 tag. [vertical left 1/2 tag (sea)]

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EXPLODE THE DIAMOND Centers concentric explode the wave, ends circ 1 like a couple up

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FAN CONCEPT Do designated call but omit initial cast
FLIP YOUR LID From 1/4 tag, wave end does scoot back to become wave center. Original wave center does their part of all 8 recycle. Approached outside dancer does scoot back to finish leading original center in finishing all 8 recycle. Other outside dancers inside hand touch 1/2 & spread

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GEE WHIZ Mini wave trailers, or non-designateds, do phantom vertical tag, others do phantom crossfire
GOOD SHOW Ends walk and dodge, centers couple up

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IN STYLE Centers touch, very centers turn back in flowing direction, as couples extend.
INTERLOCKED COUNTER Center 4 slither and all finish a normal counter
INTERLOCKED RALLY All do normal rally except the centers replace step and fold with step and cross fold.
INTERLOCKED RAMBLE All do normal ramble except the centers replace fold with stretched setup fold. (any shoulder turn and deal)

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KICK BY (N) Designated does kickoff around N number of dancers, others tag 1 position in direction of kicker's original position.

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LICKETY SPLIT Ends split circ, centers split counter rotate 1/4
LIFT OFF Centers cast right 1/4, all As Couples Extend The Tag, centers concentric circulate, all 8 circulate
LINE TO LINE Centers turn thru and clover, ends pass in, press ahead, pass thru and all pass in
(CROSS) LOOP AND TAG (X/Y) Cloverleaf, extend to X/Y tag. (Cross: cross cloverleaf, extend to X/Y tag).

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MAGIC DIA/C/L/W Centers of one diamond work with the other two diamond points. centers of one wave/line/column work with the ends of the other wave/line/column
MIRROR CONCEPT Calls done as though one were looking in a mirror. (right becomes left, clockwise becomes counter-clockwise)

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(CROSS) NUCLEAR REACTION Very ctr and facing end pass thru, ctrs cross concentric cast off 1/4 and roll. outsides cross concentric vertical 1/2 tag. all counter rotate 1/4. (Cross: very ctr and diagonal end pass thru)

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PHANTOM COLUMNS CONCEPT 4x4 matrix, center 2 columns work together, outside 2 columns work together
PHANTOM LINES/WAVES CONCEPT 4x4 matrix with center 2 lines working together, outside 2 lines work together
PITCH (I/O/L/R/ANYTHING) Leaders right zoom 3/4 (zing), trailers circulate and take ()

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RANDOM (ANY CONCEPT) CONCEPT Odd parts of the call being executed are done in designated concept, even parts are done normal
(CROSS) REACTIVATE (Starts like a Chain Reaction-Finishes like Coordinate) End of wave counter rotates 1/4 outside and does phantom hourglass circ, those facing j-walk, center 6 trade and very centers phantom Hourglass circulate. CROSS: initial j-walk is crossed.
REFLECTED (ANY TAGGING CALL) X/Y Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, counter rotate the group that did the tagging call, then complete the tag (if necessary) to X/Y
RELOCATE THE SETUP Very center 2 cast 3/4, all others counter rotate 1/4
RESET (1/4,1/2,3/4,FULL) Leads roll out to a wave (1/4), all hinge (1/2) new leads roll out to a wave (3/4), all hinge (FULL) [box of 4]
REVERSE CHECKPOINT (CALL1 BY CALL2) Very ctr 4 do CALL1 concentrically and adjust to be very ctr and very end dancers. others do CALL2 to end between other dancers.
REVERSE RECYCLE Mirror recycle
REVERSE SWAP THE TOP Mirror swap the top
Leads trade (1/3), all pass thru (2/3), others trade (full)
REVERSE THE TOP Fan the top, swing
REVOLVE TO A WAVE Lead beau-run and extend, lead belle- zoom and extend, trailers-do part of facing couple recycle (FIX: leads right face u-turn back, all facing recycle)
RIPOFF Lead belle-zoom, lead beau-run, trail belle-dodge, trail beau-walk
ROTARY CIRCULATE All 1/2 split circ, center wave-hinge, all circulate twice, centers hinge, all drop in.
ROTATES (FROM COLUMNS) All rotates (couples/singles) are done relative to the center of the square.

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(ANY TAGGING CALL) AND SCATTER Do tagging call to 1/2 tag position and scatter scoot.
SCOOT REACTION Scoot back-centers to a wave, all do a full chain reaction
(ATC) REACTION Do any tagging call to the 1/2 tag, then do scoot reaction
SCOOT REACTIVATE Scoot back-centers to a wave, all do a full reactivate
(ATC) REACTIVATE Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, scoot reactivate.
SCRAMBLE Ends bend and turn thru, centers concentric (1/4 in and crosstrail thru)
SHAKE AND RATTLE Leads shakedown, trailers mirror (reverse) split swap
SIDETRACK (1/3,2/3,FULL) Zig-zag (1/3), counter rotate 1/4 (2/3), roll (full)
SINGLE SIDETRACK Each 1x4 zig zag, counter rotate, roll
SINGLE STRUT RIGHT/LEFT 1x4 column of dancers do strut r/l with one person acting as 2.
SPLIT PHANTOM BOXES 2x8 matrix where each 2x4 works as an 8 person setup
SPLIT SINGLE ROTATE Work on split basis regardless of setup.
SPLIT SIDETRACK Do as 4 person call (your 1/2 of square) 2x2 matrix)
(1,2,,N)STEPS AT A TIME Designated number of dancers from top of column "peel off", 1/2 circ and bend; others normalize, trade & roll
STIMULATE Circulate 1-1/2, very end counter rotate & step ahead, other 6 hinge and grand fan the top.
STRUT R/L Leads pass thru and 'turn and deal' r/l, trailers veer r/l and extend to r/l waves. If 2 directions are given, leads take the 1st, trailers the 2nd. Trailers determine the handedness
SWING-O-LATE Swing, centers trade and spread, ends turn back and cross-over circulate

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TAG THE TOP 3/4 tag, center wave concentric spin the top, ends face and touch 1/2
(ATC) THE TOP Do tagging call to 3/4 tag, then finish as in tag the top. ends use hand of the shoulder pass.
TAKE N Right most N dancers 'shakedown', others 1/4 right and adjust to a normalized setup.
TRADE THE DIAMOND Trade the deucey, centers hinge, all diamond circulate, centers hinge
TRAPEZOID CONCEPT In a 2x4 matrix, the ends of one 1x4 work with the centers of the other 1x4 as a box of 4
TRIPLE WAVES | LINES WORKING FORWARD | BACKWARD An end line always works with the center line. the center line works with the one designated. (Forward, Backward)
TURN THE KEY Partner trade, counter rotate 1/4, and hinge.
TURNSTYLEB Centers (touch if necessary) cast right 3/4, ends 1/4 right
TWO-FACED CONCEPT Calls done where partner trades or facing stars may take the place of normal trades or stars

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WAVE THE (ANYONE) All press ahead, new end (anyone) does a kickoff, new center (anyone) walks other new center dodges
WITH CONFIDENCE Centers hinge, very centers hinge, ends circ 1/2, couples extend, others have center turn back and do part of couples hinge

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Z AXLE Outmost persons in z cross cast back, all trade then centers trade
Z CONCEPT (BOX) A distorted box of 4 in the shape of a z.

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