Pocket Reference of C-3A List Calls

List Update November 2002

© May 2003 Ben Rubright

The following is a shorthand description of the calls resident on the C-3A list (01/96). It is intended to be a guide for quick reference and not necessarily a place from which to initially learn the calls.

Thanks to all who have fed back comments, corrections, and suggestions.

All comments are welcome: Ben Rubright

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1/4(3/4) MIX Those who can, cast right 1/4(3/4), mix
1/4 THE DEUCEY Cast 1/4, centers cast 1/4, trailing end 1/2 circ, lead end circ, star turns 1/4, center 4 cast 1/4, lonesome star dancer press out (hourglass circ)
1/4 OR 3/4 WHEEL THE OCEAN/SEA Cast left 1/4 or 3/4, finish wheel the ocean/sea

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BEAU/BELLE/(ANYONE) HOP Designateds walk, others dodge, all hinge
BIAS CIRCULATE Leaders all 8 circ, trailers diagonal circulate using wave hand star.
BIG BLOCK CONCEPT All real dancers treating formation as lines or waves. spots preserved
BREAKER (N, ANYTHING) Ccenter 4 ctr rot 1/4 and conc 1/2 circ, ends cast off 3/4. very center 4 cast N/4 or do (anything) concentric, others finish all 8 circ

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CATCH (ANYTHING) N Square thru N to a wave, do (anything) then step and fold
(ATC) CHAIN THRU Do tagging call to 1/2 tag, then scoot chain thru
CHECKERBOARD (ANYTHING) Leads trade, trailers take (anything) by moving to center 1x4 matrix, doing call and adjusting to open spaces
CHECKERBOX (ANYTHING) Leads trade, trailers take (anything) by moving to center 2x2 matrix, doing call and adjusting to open spaces
CHOICE Center wave does a conc lockit and hinge, others trade, step and fold
COUPLE UP Box circulate, new leaders u-turn back

CROSS CHAIN REACTION Same as chain reaction except initial j-walk is diagonal

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DRIFT APART Ends split circ 2, lead center x-over circ and circ, trail center circ and x-over circ

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EASE OFF Ends zing, centers concentric [circulate and 1/4 in]
EIGHT BY (ANYTHING) Ends grand chain 8 and roll, others concentric do (ANYTHING)
EXCHANGE THE BOXES (1/4,1/2,3/4,FULL) Trailing center does x-over circulate, all others split circulate. assess position after each circ. Each 1/4 refers to 1 circulate
EXCHANGE THE TRIANGLES (1/3,2/3,FULL) Trailing center does x-over circulate, all others triangle circulate. assess position after each circ. each 1/3 refers to 1 circulate
EXPAND THE COLUMN Centers flip away, ends phantom column circ 2
EXPLODE THE TOP Explode and ends circ 1-1/2 to begin forming a righthanded star, centers spin the top to join other 2 to finish forming righthanded star of 4, star turns until isolator of spin the top leads star out into a line of 4 (Isolator: ends who move up as in fan the top)

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FANCY Trailers press out, center 4 1/2 press ahead to form a 2-faced line, and all triple line any shoulder turn and deal (eliminate any triple line phants)
FLARE OUT TO A LINE Leads (away from the center) turn to a line, trailers 1/2 press ahead. C-3b level def: couples twosome reset 1/4.
FLIP YOUR LEADER Flip the line 1/2 and follow your leader
FOLLOW TO A DIAMOND Trailers follow yr neighbor and spread, leaders box circ 1/2 and then phantom diamond circulate
FOLLOW YOUR LEADER All do 1/2 of a split circulate, centers cast 3/4 and press ahead, ends tandem cross fold

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the GAMUT (BUT (ANYTHING)) Ends circ 2, centers do an any hand 3/4 and trade the wave, all cut the diamond. BUT (ANYTHING) - replace cut the diamond with (ANYTHING).
GRAND MIX From tidal setup with two ends and the rest centers: all centers cross run, new centers trade. [triple trade and all spread, triple trade]
GRAND SWING AND MIX All swing, then grand mix

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INITIALLY concept Do the first part of the call using the concept, the rest normally.
INTERLOCKED LITTLE Centers conc step and x-fold, ends 1/4 right and counter rotate 1/4
INTERLOCKED LITTLE MORE All do interlocked little, centers concentric circulate
INTERLOCKED PLENTY All do interlocked little, split circ twice, ends counter rotate 1/4 and roll, centers concentric reset 1/4
INTERLOCKED SCOOT BACK From 1/4 line formation, with ones facing on diagonal, scoot back to re-form two-faced line in center with others facing out

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JAY CONCEPT From 1/4 tag formation, 4 dancers facing work in box of 4. (2x2 matrix)

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KEEP BUSY Leaders couples circulate with the flow, trailers extend, very centers hinge, flip the diamond, step and fold

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LATCH ON (X/Y) Right roll to a wave and hinge X/Y (default is 1/4)
LINK UP Leaders cast off 1/4, roll, and press ahead, trailers as couples extend and then concentric crossfire
(ANYCALL) THE LOCK Do (anything) then lockit
LOCK THE HINGE Lockit and hinge
LOCKERS CHOICE All lockit, then choice. refer to CHOICE

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MINI CHASE Belles shakedown, beaus partner tag

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OPEN UP THE COLUMN AND (ANYTHING) #1 cross clover, #2 clover, #3 and #4 transfer the column. anyth: #3 and #4 press ahead and take anyth.
OWN THE (ANYONE) (CALL1 BY CALL 2) Do your call as though everyone was doing your call.
ONCE REMOVED DIAMONDS Formation where once removed people form diamond

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PATCH (ANYONE) Hinge and designateds u-turn back
PEEL CHAIN THRU Centers touch (if necessary), swing and slip, others peel off/trail off and touch 1/2, all fan the top
PLAN AHEAD Centers touch 1/4 and `x-conc' vertical tag, lead peel left, trailer peel right. ends circ 1-1/2, hinge, and x-conc vertical any shoulder 1/2 tag in.
POLLY WALLY Ends turn and deal toward promenade. centers 1/4 toward promenade, extend, 1/4 toward promenade, and extend (Fix for centers: turn back to face center, veer right, as couples extend)
the PULLEY (BUT) Triple cross and peel off. BUT: omit the peel off

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QUICK STEP #2 in column presses out and with new adjacent does phantom ah-so. others press ahead (no resulting phantoms)
QUICK (ANYTHING) Same as quick step but replace ah-so with (anything).

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RALLY (BUT ANYTHING) Centers concentric step and fold, then peel and trail. others 1/4 right and counter rotate 1/4 with the lead rolling in to a wave. (BUT ANYTHING) - centers replace peel and trail with (ANYTHING) (NOTE: ends roll in to a wave - not right or left)
REACH OUT Trailers extend and peel away, leads box circ 1-1/2
RECOIL Split recycle, step & fold
RELEASE (ANYCALL) From 1/4 tag/line formation, line end extends, non-approached outside dancer extends, all do (anything). no resulting phantoms
REVERSE CUT THE DIAMOND Centers squeeze, points diamond circulate
REVERSE FLIP THE DIAMOND Centers flip away, points diamond circulate
(ANYONE) ROLLING RIPPLE (M,N,P,,,) Designateds ripple wave M, person now in orig designated's spot ripples the wave N, person now in original designated's spot ripples the wave P, etc..

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SCATTER CIRCULATE Ends split circ, lead centers x-over circ, trailing centers j-walk with each other
SCOOT AND CROSS COUNTER Scoot back, centers trade the wave, ends sashay, all counter
SCOOT AND FANCY Triple scoot, and then fancy. Refer to FANCY
SCOOT AND RALLY (BUT ANYTHING) Scoot back, and then rally. Refer to RALLY
SCOOT THE DIAMOND Scoot back, outsides 1/4 in direction of hand used for scoot, all dia circ
SHOVE OFF Designated person phantom runs away from partner but takes partner along.
SINGLE CONCEPT 1 dancer replaces 2 dancers who have identical facing directions and similar motion during given call. imagine 2 doing the call, stand on their handhold (couple) or between them (tandem) throughout.
Below are examples of calls done using the Single Concept.
SINGLE FERRIS WHEEL From 2x2 box, stretch single wheel
SINGLE POLLY WALLY Each column of dancers does polly wally with one person doing each part.
SINGLE ROTARY SPIN Right hand pull by, new centers left touch and cast off 3/4, new ends spot left turn 3/4.
SINGLE TURN TO A LINE 1x4 column of dancers do turn to a line with one person acting as 2.
--end examples of single concept--
SINGLE FILE RECOIL Single file recycle, step and fold
SINGLE FILE RECYCLE From 1x4 column, centers touch and right face turn back, ends veer left to make wave.
SLANT (ANYTH1) AND (ANYTH2) Trailers move into center box and do (ANYTH1), leaders do (ANYTH2) phantom. eliminate any resulting phantom.
SNAP THE LOCK All partner tag, new ends tag as new centers touch, lockit, and step thru
SOMETHING NEW #1 and #2 of column do a couple up, #3 extends and turns back (toward the center), #4 presses out
SPIN CHAIN THE LINE From tidal setup: all swing, ctrs of each wave cast 3/4 and spread, very ctrs trade, and cast 3/4 with very ends
SPIN THE PULLEY (BUT) Centers touch (if necessary), cast off 3/4 triple cross and then peel off. BUT: omit the peel off.
SPLIT CHECKMATE Split counter rotate 1/4, split circulate (real name is single checkmate!!)
SPLIT PHANTOM COLUMNS 4x4 matrix where adjacent columns (on the same side of centerline of the 4x4 matrix) work together
SPLIT PHANTOM WAVES/LINES 4x4 matrix where adjacent lines (on the same side of centerline of the square work together.
STABLE CONCEPT Designated dancers execute following call without changing facing direction
STAMPEDE Centers: trade the wave, hinge & cross; ends: cross cast back and pass in
STRIP THE SETUP Ends detour and hinge, very center 2 cast 3/4, other 2 counter rotate 1/4 to become the very ends
SWAP THE TOP Belle extends and casts 3/4, beau runs, rolls, and `extends'.
SWING CHAIN THRU Swing, centers hinge, very centers trade, centers hinge
SWING THE GAMUT Swing, then the gamut. refer to the GAMUT
SWITCH YOUR LEADER Switch to a diamond, centers cast 3/4 and press ahead, ends tandem cross fold

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TAGGERS DELIGHT/DILEMMA Tag the line 3/4, then the wave does a swing, slip, slip, cast off 3/4, the ends 1/4 right/left and circulate 2.
(ATC) DELIGHT/DILEMMA Do tagging call to 3/4 tag, then finish as in taggers delight/dilemma
TEAM UP Ends 1/2 circulate and hinge, centers concentric beau runs
TOUCH BY (WITH FRACTS) Very center dancers touch 1st fract and spread, following dancers touch 2nd fraction (and spread if there are more dancers to follow)
TRADE THE DEUCEY Acey deucey and spread. Some dancers and callers believe that the definition is centers squeeze and ends x-over circ. It is included for reference.
TRAVEL THRU Pass thru, cast right 1/4
TRIP THE SET Ends cross fold and roll, centers concentric (1/4 out and trade)
TRIPLE DIAMOND CONCEPT Triple setup with each unit being a diamond.
TRIPLE PLAY #1 in column transfers, others triple scoot, new #1 does second position transfer, remaining dancers 1/2 press ahead, hinge and extend the tag.

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WIND THE BOBBIN #1 and #3 peel off and circ 2; #2 and #4 1/2 circ and fan chain thru
WRAP TO A DIAMOND / HOURGLASS / GALAXY / INTERLOCKED DIAMOND A column of dancers is reflowed into the target formation with the #1 dancer leading by doing 1/2 col circ and 2 circs in the target formation. The #4 dancer does 2 column circulates and assumes the 1st target formation position across the centerline of the square. #2 and #3 are in between.

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