Pocket Reference of C2 List Calls

List Update January 2002

Newly Revised!
© May 2003 Ben Rubright

The following is a shorthand description of the C2 list calls as defined by the Challenge Committee of Callerlab. It is intended to be a guide for quick reference and not necessarily a place from which to initially learn the calls.

The purpose of this collection is to provide an alphabetical listing of the calls for both study and quick reference during practice sessions without the need for an index.

Thanks to all who have fed back comments, corrections, and suggestions.

All comments are welcome: Ben Rubright.

Chose the first letter of the call




ALONG Very end counter rotate 1/4 and extend. Center 6 hinge, circulate, #1 in column of 6 peels, others extend and trade.
ALTER AND CIRCULATE Swing, ctrs cast 3/4, very centers trade, ends turn back and circulate. all split counter rotate 1/2 and flip each diamond.
(ANYTHING) AND CIRCLE Swing and circle but replace centers swing, slip with (anything)
(ANYTHING) COORDINATE Coordinate but replace the initial all 8 circulate with (anything)
(ANYTHING) MOTIVATE Motivate but replace the initial all 8 circulate with (anything)
(ANYTHING) PERCOLATE Percolate but replace the initial all 8 circulate with (anything)
(ANYTHING) PERK UP Perk up but replace the initial all 8 circulate with (anything)


BOUNCE THE (ANYONE) Veer toward center of setup, designated dancers turn back in the direction of the veer.


CATCH 1,2,..N Square thru N to a wave, slip, step and fold
CHAIN THE SQUARE Centers do part of right and left thru and veer left, ends right pull by, form left handed wave in center, wave centers turn back toward adjacent end, center couples wheel around and extend
CHECKPOINT (ANYTHING1) BY (ANYTHING2) From tidal setup, center(s) of each side do (anything1) concentrically, very ends move in and with remaining dancers do (anything2)
CHISEL THRU Centers pass in and pass out. ends pass thru, bend and pass in. all pass in
CRAZY CONCEPT Work your side, center 4, your side, center 4 (box is preferred if call can be done from either box or wave).
CRISS CROSS THE SHADOW Ends cast a shadow using opposite hands, lead center shadows to far center, trailing centers hinge with opposite hands and extend.
CRISS CROSS YOUR NEIGHBOR Trailers cross yr neighbor and spread, leaders 1/2 split circ and cross run
CROSS AND WHEEL As couples: hinge, step and fold.
CROSS BACK Leads turn back, trailers pull by.
CROSS CONCENTRIC Follow concentric rules except original center 4 move to the outside and original outsides move to the center.
Crosstrail thru, centers trade, ends turn back away from center. (Anything): do anything, then centers trade, ends turn back away from center.
CROSS TRADE AND WHEEL Couples hinge, very centers trade, then as couples step and fold.


DETOUR Ends 1/2 zoom and hinge, centers counter rotate 1/4.
DISCONNECTED CONCEPT Identified dancers do call maintaining disconnected setup
DODGE (ANYTHING) Centers concentric walk and dodge, ends do (anything).
DROP (IN/OUT) Ends 1/4 I/O, centers extend the tag, adjust to a 2x2 matrix.


EXCHANGE THE DIAMOND (N/4) All do a total of 4 diamond circulates - the very center position does an interlocked diamond circulate, others do normal diamonds circulates. Each diamond circulate represents 1/4.


FASCINATE Ends circulate 1-1/2, centers any hand 3/4 thru, end couples of the 6 person setup concentric wheel and deal, lonesome dancers counter rotate 1/4.
FASCINATING (ANYTHING) Fascinate but replace concentric wheel and deal with concentric (anything)
FILE TO A LINE Ends slide apart, centers column circulate twice, all adjust to parallel lines or waves
FLIP THE GALAXY Center dancers galaxy circulate, outside dancers flip toward center
FLIP YOUR NEIGHBOR Flip the line 1/2, follow your neighbor.
FUNNY CONCEPT If you can do a part of the call without colliding with anyone, do so.


GRAND CHAIN 8 From lines: right pull by, bend the line, form left handed wave with facing dancers, centers turn back toward the ends, bend the line. From starting double pass thru: right pull by, step to left handed wave with outside dancers, centers of each wave turn back toward the ends, bend the line. From 8 chain thru: right pull by, new centers step to left handed wave, centers of wave turn back toward the ends, bend the line, others courtesy turn.
GRAND CROSS TRADE AND WHEEL Couples hinge, triple trade, as couples step and fold


HERE COMES THE JUDGE All do outroll circulate with the right end as the outroller
HOCUS POCUS Centers trade, ends phantom O circulate 2
HUBS TRADE (ANYTHING) Partner trade, new ends do (anything)
HUBS TRADE BACK Partner trade, new ends circulate 1


INLET Infacing end and adjacent split recycle with opposite pair as lead ends and adjacents recycle.
1/4 - #1 dancer peels off and steps ahead to center of formation, others extend. 1/2 - #1 and #2 dancers tandem peel off and step ahead to center of formation, all others circulate 1 position. 3/4 - #1, #2 and #3 dancers triple tandem peel off and step ahead to make #2 dancer on center of formation, # 4 dancers move ahead to join inside hands. FULL - all dancers tandem-tandem peel off and adjust to make columns. Cross: all peel offs become trail offs.


KICKOFF/CROSS KICKOFF Designated dancer runs/cross runs and rolls, others do their part of partner tag


LATERAL SUBSTITUTE Substitute is to the side instead of forward or back
(ANYONE) LIKE A RIPPLE Designated dancers, with as many other dancers as the call requires, do the given call. repeat for as many calls are given, attempting to do each call with a new group of people.
LINES (ANYTHING) THRU Ends circulate, centers do (anything) concentric
LOOP (RIGHT/LEFT) N Designated dancer runs in designated direction skipping N positions (no one else moves)


OFFSET WAVES/COLS/LINES Real dancers doing wave/columns/line calls from offset formations. percentage of offset is always preserved.
ONCE REMOVED CONCEPT From 2 by 4 geometry, 2 adjacent ends working with the far 2 adjacent centers as a box of 4. From tidal geometry, every other dancer working together in wave/line formation (conversion of box to line not at C2)
OUTLET Center wave/line dancer pairs do their part of box recycle with outside dancers.


PARALLELOGRAM CONCEPT Real dancers doing wave/line/column moves in offset geometry. percentage of offset is always preserved.
PEEL TO A DIAMOND Leaders peel off, trailers extend and hinge
PERK UP All 8 circulate, 1/2 split circulate, ends circulate 2, centers concentric hinge, circulate and trade.
PRESS IN/OUT/LEFT/RIGHT All presses have an inherent ahead. Press right means to move one formation position ahead as well as one formation position to the right.


RELOCATE THE DIAMOND Very centers cast 3/4, all others counter rotate 1/4
RESHAPE THE TRIANGLE Triangle circulate but change the base from wave to tandem or from tandem to wave. (Handedness of triangle remains the same.)
REVERSE CUT/FLIP THE GALAXY Centers squeeze/flip away, ends galaxy circulate
REVERSE SPLIT SWAP Beaus circulate and 1/4 left, belles tag
RIMS TRADE (ANYTHING) End and adjacent center trade, new centers do (anything) concentric
RIMS TRADE BACK End and adjacent center trade, new centers concentric circulate
RIPPLE THE WAVE (1,..N) Designated dancer - alternating hands and people, starting toward the center- swings (trades) with adjacent dancer N times. If no number is given, ripple until designated dancer reaches far end
ROTARY (ANYTHING) All rotary spin but new centers replace cast left 3/4 with concentric (anything)
ROTATES (SINGLE) (LINES) (1/4,1/2,3/4,..) Rotates from lines are done on a split basis. Each group of 4 dancers treat their 1/2 of the square as their total world. As a couple: 1/4 to promenade and counter rotate (1/4,1/2,3/4..) Single rotates: individually split counter rotate (1/4,1/2,3/4...)


(SCOOT AND) COUNTER (all scoot back), centers cast 3/4 and counter rotate 1/4, ends divide, touch 1/2, step and fold
(SCOOT AND) CROSS RAMBLE (all scoot back), ends cross cast back, centers cross fold to face, all slide thru

(SCOOT AND LITTLE MORE (all scoot and) little, centers circulate 1
SETS IN MOTION Centers hinge, those ends roll, new very centers trade and roll, ends circ 1-1/2 and those who line up behind centers 1/4 to face down line, center 4, 6, or 8 finish a tag through the middle, 1st peel left 2nd peel right, others, if any, remain in the center
SHAZAM Arm turn 1/4 and roll twice
SINGLE ROTATES (LINES) (1/4,1/2,3/4,..) See rotates.
SINGLE CROSS AND WHEEL>/td> Hinge, step and fold
SINGLE CROSS TRADE AND WHEEL Hinge, slip, step and fold
SOCK IT TO ME All outroll circulate with the left end being the outroller
SOLID CONCEPT Designated group act as a unit of 1
SPLIT SWAP Belles circulate and 1/4 right, beaus tag
SPLIT TRADE CIRCULATE Leaders split circulate, trailers crossover circulate
STACK THE LINE 1/4 in and original leaders go across to a right handed setup
STAGGER CONCEPT Setup is to be treated as columns, spots are preserved - retain the diagonal.
STRETCHED BOX From 2x4, center pair of dancers move to far end pair of dancers to do the designated call (BLEND while doing the call)
STRETCHED WAVE/LINE From tidal setup, each pair of centers move down to work with far end pair.
SWAP THE WAVE Dancers with right shoulder to center of wave trade (with each other) and step forward, others step forward, adjust to 2x2.
SWING ALONG Swing, then do an ALONG.


TAG YOUR NEIGHBOR 1/2 tag, follow your neighbor
TANDEM BASED TRIANGLES ACTING AS A BOX Three dancers doing 4 person calls. The apex acts as a trailer.
THREE BY ONE TRANSFER First three dancers do transfer, last dancers meet, cast 3/4 and extend to outside CENTER dancer
THREE BY ONE CHECKMATE First three dancers do part usually done by first 2, last dancer does part usually done by last 2 dancers
THREE BY ONE TRIANGLES Triangles with three dancers forming the base. one dancer in the apex
TRAIL TO A DIAMOND Leaders trail off, trailers extend and hinge
TRIPLE WAVE/LINE/COL 3x4 or 1x12 matrix formation that is further subdivided into three groups of 4 each being 1 x 4 (lines/waves/cols). there may be 0,1,2,3 phantoms in any one line/wave/column
TRUCK Boys move 1 position left, girls move 1 position right
TURN TO A LINE Leads "turn and deal" to the right, trailers "turn and deal" to the left. adjust to line


UNWRAP THE FORMATION Dancer not past the center of the square and facing the center of the square is the leader of the unwrap. Caller may also designate the leader.


VERTICAL (ANYTHING) Vertical tag the line ZERO then do (anything).


WALK OUT TO A WAVE #1 and #2 of column trail off and new end runs, #3 circulates and turns back toward center, #4 circulates 2 and veers out
WHEEL THE OCEAN/SEA Leads wheel around and all do a vertical 1/2 tag (ocean) or vertical left 1/2 tag (sea)
WITH THE FLOW Flowing walk and dodge (leaders of sweep walk, others dodge)


ZIP CODE (1-N) Centers 3/4 zoom (1/4 out and run (1), pass thru (2), move along to face (3), etc. fractional zipcodes are permitted