Pocket Reference of C1 List Calls

List Update November 2001

Newly Revised!
© May 2003 Ben Rubright

The following is a shorthand description of the C1 list calls as defined by the Challenge Committee of Callerlab. It is intended to be a guide for quick reference and not necessarily a place from which to initially learn the calls.

The purpose of this collection is to provide an alphabetical listing of the calls for both study and quick reference. Thanks to all who have fed back comments, corrections, and suggestions. Feel free to continue.

Please send all comments to Ben Rubright.

Chose the first letter of the call




AH-SO Ends cross fold, retaining handhold with center, as centers u-turn back and take small step forward.
ALTER THE WAVE Swing, centers cast 3/4, ends turn back, counter rotate each diamond 1/2 and flip it.
(ANYTHING) TO A WAVE Do all parts of (anything) but don't let go
(ANYTHING) AND WEAVE Do (anything) then weave
(ANYTHING) CHAIN THRU Do (anything) then very centers trade, all centers cast 3/4
(ANYTHING) THE WINDMILL Spin the windmill but replace centers swing, slip with (anything)
(ANYTHING) THE AXLE Pass the axle but replace the initial pass thru with (anything)


BEAUS AND BELLES CONCEPT In a two dancer formation, both facing same direction, left side dancer is beau, right side dancer is belle
BLOCK FORMATION Dancers work in block of 4 independent of the other 4 dancers
BUTTERFLY FORMATION Column formation in the shape of a butterfly


CAST BACK/CROSS CAST BACK Lead or designated dancers peel off/trail off, all adjust to lines
CHASE YOUR NEIGHBOR Belles right face u-turn back, split circulate, follow your neighbor
CHECKOVER #1 and #2 checkmate, #3 and #4 circulate, cast 3/4, slither, and step ahead.
CIRCLE BY (W/X BY Y/Z or ANYTHING) Facing couples circle 1st fraction in clockwise direction, step into right hand wave and cast 2nd fraction or do (anything).
CONCENTRIC CONCEPT Center 4 dancers do call normally, outside 4 dancers do call around the outside of the formation. if 2x4, line setups result in line setups, column setups result in column setups. if tidal going to 2x4, change the long axis.
COUNTER ROTATE (1/4,1/2.....) Point of reference is the center of the square for everyone. Everyone walks 1/4,1/2... of the way around the square on their circle
CROSS AND TURN Beaus pull by, belles turn back
CROSS BY From thar or waves: slip the clutch and spread; from 1/4 tag: extend and spread.
CROSS CHAIN AND ROLL Centers right and left thru and roll, ends right pull by, 1/4 right and conc circ 2 (star by the left half way)
CROSS CHAIN THRU Centers right and left thru, ends right pull by, 1/4 right, conc circ 2 and 1/4 right
CROSS ROLL TO A WAVE Centers cross run, ends run
CROSS YOUR NEIGHBOR Follow your neighbor except trailers cross hands.
CUT THE INTERLOCKED DIAMOND Points slide in and trade, centers interlocked diamond circulate


DIXIE DIAMOND Dixie style to wave, centers hinge, ends turn back
DIXIE SASHAY Dixie style to a wave, slither


FLIP BACK Flip the line 1/2, scoot back
FLIP THE INTERLOCKED DIAMOND Ends flip in, centers interlocked diamond circulate
FLIP THE LINE N/4 Centers run, tag the line to N/4
FOLLOW THRU Leads 1/2 run, trailers extend the tag and hinge (1/2 scoot back)


GALAXY FORMATION A formation with a box of 4 in the center and an outside diamond
GRAND FOLLOW YOUR NEIGHBOR #1 in column does a follow your neighbor, all others extend and cast 3/4


INTERLOCKED DIAMOND CIRCULATE Circulating within the interlocked diamond formation.


JAY WALK Designated dancers pass thru (usually on a diagonal)


LINEAR ACTION Ends hinge & cast 1/2, wave hinges and concentric circulates 1-1/2. Inside dancers cast 3/4, others do last 1/2 all 8 circulate.


MAGIC COLUMN FORMATION Column formation with the ends of one column and the centers of the other working together as a column. Traffic pattern: dancer moving from center to end position has the right of way. (This is important on 1/2 circulates so that the proper handhold is created.)
MAKE MAGIC Ends and centers facing pass thru, trailers of the center box jay walk


O FORMATION Column formation in the shape of an O.


PASS THE AXLE Pass thru, centers pass thru, leads cross cast back, all cast 1/2, centers trade.
PERCOLATE All 8 circulate 1-1/2, the center 1x4 hinge and cross, others turn thru.
PHANTOM FORMATION Wave/line/column formations where 1/2 of the dancers are at right angles to the other half. Add phantoms to complete 2 groups of 8.
PRESS IN/OUT/LEFT/RIGHT/AHEAD IN: Dancer advances 1 position forward and 1 position toward the center of the formation. OUT: Dancer advances 1 position forward and 1 position away from the center of the formation. LEFT: Dancer advances 1 position forward and 1 position to the left. RIGHT: Dancer advances 1 position forward and 1 position to the right. AHEAD: Dancer advances 1 position forward only.


2/3 RECYCLE Centers fold (adjust to box), split counter rotate 1/4.
ALL 8 RECYCLE Wave recycles while moving to the outside, others move in and do facing/split recycle.
REGROUP Ends 1/4 out, trade, spread and step forward, centers trade and roll
RELAY THE SHADOW Swing, center 6 cast 3/4, lonesome ends counter rotate 1/4, and with very centers hinge 1/4 and spread, others do centers part of cast a shadow
RELAY THE TOP Swing, centers cast 3/4 as ends 1/2 circulate, center star turns 1/4 as mini waves trade, very center 4 cast 3/4 as others phantom hourglass circulate.
REVERSE CROSS AND TURN Belle pulls by, beau turns back
REVERSE EXPLODE (WAVES) Step thru, 1/4 out
ROTARY SPIN Centers right and left thru and roll, ends right pull by, step to left handed wave and cast off 3/4
ROTATES (1/4,1/2...) (SINGLE) From squared set positions only: rotate 1/4,1/2... as a couple turn to promenade direction and counter rotate designated fraction around the outside of the square. Single rotate 1/4,1/2... individually turn to promenade direction and counter rotate designated fraction. If preceded by reverse, turn to reverse promenade direction and counter rotate designated fraction around the outside of the square


SCATTER SCOOT Leaders all 8 circulate, trailers scoot back
SCATTER SCOOT CHAIN THRU Leaders all 8 circulate, trailers scoot chain thru
SCOOT AND LITTLE Scoot back, centers step and fold, ends 1/4 right and counter rotate 1/4
SCOOT AND PLENTY All scoot and little, split circulate 2. ends counter rotate 1/4 and roll, centers roll out to a wave (if centers are facing, touch, if back to back, take right hands after roll out)).
SCOOT AND RAMBLE Scoot back, centers fold to face, ends cast back, all slide thru.
SHAKEDOWN Beaus run and roll, belles 3/4 zoom (1/4 right and run).
SIAMESE CONCEPT Dancers work as couples or in tandem.
SPLIT DIXIE DIAMOND Split dixie style to a wave, centers hinge, ends turn back.
SPLIT DIXIE STYLE TO A WAVE Actives right pull by, 1/4 to face inactives, left touch 1/4.
SPLIT RECYCLE Trailers do part of facing recycle, leads run and veer out to be ends of wave.
SPLIT SQUARE CHAIN TOP Actives right pull by, 1/4 to face inactives, left spin the top, left turn thru.
SQUARE CHAIN THE TOP Right pull by, 1/4 in, left spin the top, left turn thru
SQUARE THE BASES Centers conc square thru 3, ends pass thru, bend, and start a split square thru 2 then all trade by.
SQUEEZE If apart-slide together and trade, if together-trade and slide apart
STEP AND FLIP centers step forward, ends flip in
STEP AND FOLD Centers step forward, ends fold
STRETCH CONCEPT 2 groups of 4 dancers do given call, at end of call interlock the two groups by two dancers.
SWING AND CIRCLE (1/4,1/2,3/4) Centers (touch if necessary) swing, slip. outside six move one position around the outside (1/4). For each 1/4 the above is repeated. If no fraction is given, above is done 4 times
SWING THE FRACTIONS Those who can, cast: 1/4 right, 1/2 left, 3/4 right, 1/2 left, 1/4 right
SWITCH TO AN INTERLOCKED DIAMOND Centers run, ends interlocked diamond circulate
SWITCH THE WAVE (from lines) Centers run, ends cross run


T-BONE Formations where some dancers are at right angles to other dancers
TAG BACK TO A WAVE 1/2 tag, scoot back
TALLY HO 1/2 all 8 circulate, end mini waves trade, center wave/line hinges and does 1/2 box circulate, very center 4 cast 3/4 as ends finish all 8 circulate
TANDEM BASED TRIANGLE Dancers comprising the base are front to back, back to back, or front to front
TANDEM CONCEPT Two dancers-one behind the other-acting as a unit of one
3 BY 2 ACEY DEUCEY Very center 2 trade, each group of 3 triangle circulates
TRIANGLE FORMATIONS Three dancers forming a triangle with one dancer as apex and two dancers comprising the base
TRIPLE BOX CONCEPT 2 by 6 matrix formation that is further subdivided into three groups of 4 each being 2 x 2. there may be 0,1,2,3 phantoms in any one box
TRIPLE CROSS Six dancers who can outside hand pull by on the diagonal
TWIST AND (ANYTHING) Centers twist the line, ends face, move in and do (anything) concentrically
TWIST THE LINE Centers step forward and trade, ends face and star thru


Box of 4 call where 3 situations can exist. 1. dancers both facing out of box: single wheel 2. dancers both facing into box: 1/2 of 1/2 sashay 3. one dancer facing each way: leader folds behind adjacent trailer. in all situations move up to designated tag position (1/4,1/2,3/4,full)


WAVE BASED TRIANGLES Dancers comprising the base are shoulder to shoulder facing the same or opposite direction
WHEEL AND (ANYTHING) Outside couples promenade 1/4 and face in while insides do (anything) concentric
WHEEL FAN THRU Start wheel thru but beaus as they meet trade and then finish the wheel thru


ZING Leads 3/4 zoom (1/4 out and run), trailers circ and 1/4 in